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Incidence and Mortality

  • ~ 70,000 new cases of AYA cancer identified in the US each yr
  • Mixture of “pediatric” and “adult” cancers Leukemia, central nervous system tumors Breast cancer, lymphoma, colorectal carcinoma
  • Some cancers are unique to the age group
  • Germ cell tumors, thyroid carcinoma, sarcomas, cervical carcinoma
  • Cancer is the most common disease cause of death for patients younger than 40 yrs of age
  • Behind accidents, homicides, and suicides in most age groups
  • Where to Treat the “in Between” AYA Cancer Patient (Ages 18-21 Yrs)
  • Problem: 1 patient, 2 treatment facilities


  • The children’s hospital
  • The adult-based cancer center Ideally, we want to limit the effect ofadministrative barriers between oncologypractices
  • Best practice should Not be determined by infrastructure
  • Always take into account the patient’s medical, physical, and social need




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