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The TEDMED 2012 Conference (in Washington, D.C. on April 10-13) features the Great Challenges Program, an initiative to gather professionals and innovators around the country dedicated to alleviating health and medical issues that have become deeply rooted challenges. Fifty challenges have been proposed for the Great Challenges Program and will be voted upon. The top 20 challenges chosen will be the focus of TEDMED over the next year. We hope that you'll help direct attention and effort to the topic of the overlooked cancer cohort of adolescents and young adults (AYAs), challenge #27.

How's how you can help:

1. For those attending the TEDMED Conference, please feel free to direct any questions you may have about AYA cancer to Dr. Leonard Sender and Ali Ansary, founders of SeventyK and advocates of AYAs.

2. Learn more about the challenges proposed by the Great Challenges Program and vote! To vote for the "Overlooked Cancer Cohort", click "vote" for #27.

3. Join the conversation on AYA cancer by providing input and commenting on our blog posts here so that others who want to know more about the unique issues about AYA cancer can read and learn about it. Please help spread the word!

4. Download the free app TEDMED Connect to vote for the top 20 great challenges.

5. Encourage others on Twitter to join the conversation and to vote for the Great Challenges Program. If tweeting about the Overlooked Cancer Cohort of AYAs or any of the other 49 challenges proposed by the TEDMED Great Challenges Program, use #TEDMEDchallenges. To tweet about the conference in general, use #TEDMED.


Thank you!

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