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Posted by Tito Dudley on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 - 11:41 | Cancer and Wellness

Tito Dudley is a student at the Natural Gourmet Institute. Born and raised in New York City, he is a chef, nutrition consultant, personal trainer, natural bodybuilder, actor, and filmmaker. He was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease/Cancer at the age of 15. Dudley says that after his recovery, he made a promise to himself to live a healthier lifestyle. His goal is to help others do the same.


During the holiday season it can be very hard for many of us, including myself, to stay on our fitness and nutrition journey. We are bombarded with all these wonderful parties and events that continuously tempt us to eat holiday treats and carb loaded foods (acidic/expansive foods) until we're stuffed. Also, many of these events don't even serve large portions of vegetables (alkaline/contractive foods). The holidays are usually a time to spend with family, friends and loved ones. Even amongst all the enjoyment and fun of this time, we should keep a side note on how we can balance our bodies.

Most people during the holidays would try to eat less by skipping a few meals because they're waiting for that big exciting cheat meal. Skipping meals is like driving a vehicle on very little gas or oil. Eventually it will have an effect on other parts of the car - your body will hold on to more body fat than needed (to preserve energy), you can become nutritionally depleted and extract nutrients from other parts of the body such as organ and bones leading to other issues over time all because of skipping meals. Obviously, all these symptoms can happen over time of continuous misguided behavior. We also are so caught up in squeezing time in for all these events that we end up jeopardizing our sleep as well as being dehydrated from all the liquor, soda, and any unnatural drink we've consumed over the last few days. Eating high consumption of carb loaded foods can be a form of stress to the body, which can create inflammation.

Stress is the number one cause of many of our chronic diseases. It is very important to have fun, but also make healthy choices to keep our bodies balanced. Eating more greens (Ex: leafy greens, salads, root vegetable, & sea vegetables), drinking lots of water, making sure to get your quality fats in your eating regimen (Ex: olive oil, avocados and nuts), get enough sleep, and continue to exercise. All of these choices will help promote a well-balanced body during the holidays and even long after its over. Have fun and stay healthy!

Here is a recipe for a Ginger Tonic. This recipe is great because it helps stimulate your digestive system to make it easier for your body to break down food.



Ginger Tonic Recipe (Simple and Easy)



2 Stalks Ginger

¼ Cup of Maple Syrup

Pinch of Cayenne Pepper (optional)


1.     Juice Ginger in a juicer

2.     Add the maple syrup and cayenne pepper until fully combined.

3.     Have a small amount before about 10 minutes before eating.   


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