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Posted by Stacy Tsai on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 12:31 | Cancer Stories


Cancer category: Ovarian Cancers

Cancer type: None

Roma was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 21 years old. Her future dream is to become a news reporter for a Spanish news or entertainment channel and to start her own family.


Roma’s Story


“I was 21 years old, working two jobs and going to school. I was at an exciting point in my life, getting ready to finish my General Education requirements for spring 2009 at Fullerton College and ready to transfer to Cal State Fullerton or San Francisco State in August of 2009. I was also getting ready to look for an internship for my dream job: a news reporter for a Spanish channel.  I was just a young lady trying to live a fulfilling life…and then I got the news, “You have ovarian cancer”.

In my experience, the biggest challenge in being a young adult with cancer is having to put all your goals and plans aside at such a crucial time in life. Aside from that, also dealing with not knowing how you will feel day to day. And as a girl, feeling like a completely different person; becoming a bald, heavier, “sick”girl, made me feel like my entire image had changed.

In the end, my cancer did not stop me from loving life and the people in my life. It did not stop me from giving up on my goals and plans.   It simply made my life so much more valuable and my family and friends more precious and dear to my heart. Especially the new ones I have made…you know who you are!

My future holds a job as a news reporter for Spanish news in the entertainment or daily news area. I hope to find a special husband that will be the father of my children I wish to have. Most importantly, with the grace of God, a healthy and prosperous life await me. I LOVE my life. THANK YOU EVERYONE who has been there for me as a baldy and as cancer free girl!

I would like to pay tribute to those who supported me throughout this journey: Armida ( Mother/ Guardian angel taking care of me from up above ), Nacor ( Best Dad), Judi ( Godmother), Victor ( Uncle),Amazing friends ( Michelle Kanchan, Carlee) many others, and 20 other amazing moms I had by my side! I am BLESSED!”

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